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Top 5 Reasons to Install a DPF on Your TRU if You Travel in California

Posted by Peter Bransfield on Aug 23, 2018 7:37:52 PM
  1. CARB has more than 50 regulatory programs impacting stationary and mobile sources. Enforcement is critical for public health benefits. Trucks and trailers with transport refrigeration units that are 7 or more years old are required by CARB to install a diesel particulate filter under Title 13, CCR, section 2477
  2. You can avoid paying a substantial fine if inspectors stop your vehicle and issue a citation. Violation of the mandate can result in fines of $5000 to $10000 per violation per day.
  3. Diesel particulate filters reduce harmful emissions of particulate matter, a known carcinogen linked to bladder and respiratory disease.
  4. Incremental improvements to air quality can be attributed to implementation of diesel particulate filters. California has seen significant decrease in air pollution due in large part to CARB standards.
  5. Emission reduction is required by law. When ALL companies comply with regulations, ALL companies share in the responsibility and cost of doing business in California.

Rypos offers active diesel particulate filters for most TRUs. Contact us for more information. Visit our web site:

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Mission Critical Emergency Power best served using Active DPF technology.

Posted by Peter Bransfield on May 2, 2018 2:39:26 PM

The main reason mission critical emergency back up power consumers select active diesel particulate filter technology is reliability.

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Welcome to Our New Blog!

Posted by Peter Bransfield on Apr 10, 2018 9:05:09 AM

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