California use of Technology and Partnerships to Identify Trucking Emissions Violators

Posted by Rypos on Oct 4, 2021 11:00:00 AM


With the increased utilization of technology in the trucking industry,  air quality regulators have found new and novel approaches to enforcing emissions.  From fleet management monitoring systems to data collection from onboard sensors, regulators have better visibility into emissions violations, leading to more effective enforcement.

“Historically, we would be out in the field doing individual truck inspections, and then we would do fleet audits,” said Heather Quiros, chief of the California Air Resources Board (CARB)

Technology has also helped solve one of CARB's biggest issues, insufficient staffing to physically inspect all the trucks required. Auditing fleets takes lots of time and resources, and CARB's existing staff are unable to meet the volume required with physical inspections and audits alone. The agency in turn “added in more data and technology to become more efficient, and identify what appear to be non-compliant fleets and vehicles, and then targeting our enforcement on those vehicles.” Quiros said.

Tasked with enforcing their 2008 Truck and Bus Rule, a regulation that requires heavy-duty diesel trucks to replace older engines with cleaner engines on a phased-in schedule based on the model year of the engine, CARB is the most powerful air quality regulator in the country.

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