CARB Revokes Compliance Alternatives for Emissions Regs After Court Decision

Posted by Peter Bransfield on May 15, 2018 8:00:00 AM

Todd Dills, California-2016-06-13-14-15-500x334a Senior Editor of Overdrive magazine discussed recent court decissions affecting emissions exemptions.

The time has expired for legal appeals to save the California Air Resources Board’s 2014-introduced “compliance alternatives” to the engine upgrades and retrofits required by its Statewide Truck and Bus Regulation. Emails attempting to clarify the situation have been going out this month to truck owners with CARB-registered vehicles still taking advantage of one or more of those alternatives this year. The compliance alternatives were mostly aimed at small carriers, an attempt to aid those who said they didn’t have the resources to upgrade their equipment or retrotfit their existing equipment.

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