Cloud Demand Drives Data Center Market to New Records

Posted by Rypos on Mar 2, 2020 1:45:00 PM


As demand for online data storage grows, many of the market's largest cloud-service providers have seen tremendous growth in their capacities which resulted in a significant increase in power demands. In the United States, businesses used almost 400 megawatts of power in the largest data-center markets, up 33% from 2018 amid soaring demand for cloud services.

According to a report by the firm CBRE Group Inc.

Amazon, Microsoft Corp., and other large cloud services provided the bulk of that demand, but many companies reluctant to shift all of their data to external systems also ran their own data centers, either in-house or in warehouse-sized spaces leased by third-party data-center facilities that are known as colocation services.

“Insurance, financial services and health-care companies, among others, are the most likely to keep using their own purpose-built facilities,” said Pat Lynch, senior managing director of CBRE’s data center division.

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