Debunking Dirty Diesel: An Honest Comparison Between Diesel and Battery in 2018

Posted by Rypos on Sep 16, 2018 11:00:00 AM

GettyImages-849425288.width-358Clayton Costello, the operations manager at CK Power, a manufacturer and distributor of power generation equipment believes the perception of diesel as sooty, unreliable and a major pollutant isn't true.

"Clean energy is the wave of the future, and it has to be. Reducing harmful pollutants and maximizing the efficiency of our power sources have to be a priority moving forward. When it comes to green energy, battery power is stealing the spotlight. It’s become a symbol of responsibility and environmental stewardship, while the perception of diesel remains firmly planted in the 1980s.

Alongside the growth of battery solutions and variable renewable energy (VRE) sources (i.e., wind and solar farms), clean diesel power —the lifeblood of American industry— is essential as we transition into a more sustainable and green future."

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