Highlights From the Rypos June 25, 2020 TRU Dealer Webinar

Posted by Rypos on Jul 8, 2020 12:31:26 PM

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On June 25th, Rypos held their recurring TRU Dealer Webinar. The topics included a review of ARB’s compliance regulation regarding verified DPF retrofits purchase for 2020, our Carrier & Thermo King filter availability, information on Rypos' new products under development as well as an update on recent changes to California's CARB.

A summary of our presentation follows:

Review of Recent ARB Announcement

  • Transport Refrigeration Unit model year 2013 or older must be ARB compliant by 12/31/2020. Failure to go compliant after 12/31/2020, will result in carriers not being listed on ARB’s 100% Compliant Carrier List.
  • Brokers, forwarders, shippers, receivers cannot hire noncompliant refrigerated carriers to haul perishable goods in California.
  • Despite the current pandemic, CARB’s regulations continue to be in effect and deadlines apply.

Discussion on Regulations Impacting TRU Model Years 2013 and Beyond

  • In 2013 Carrier only delivered TRU’s with <25HP which were not impacted by the current ARB’s >25 HP regulations while Thermo King delivered engines with both <25 HP and >25HP.
  • Recently, the ARB wrote regulations requiring that engines <25HP meet T4F standards 7 years after the engine model year (2020 and beyond).
  • Due to this, Carriers and 1⁄2 of Thermo King’s engines will require ULE retrofits starting in 2020.

Information Regarding Operating in Compliance in California

  • Service Reminder - to operate in compliance in adherence to CARB regulations:
    • The Thermo King filter plug must be installed securely at all times while the unit is in service.
    • The Carrier filter flange must be bolted securely in place at all times the unit is in service.
  • Field Service Bulletins have been sent to customers by CARB, and to dealers by Rypos. Only verified installers/dealers are allowed to do the DPF cleaning procedure.
Rypos' Carrier X4 and Thermo King C Series Filter Product Updates
  • Rypos is nearly complete with delivering our existing technology to be compatible with these new models and should have our product available in time to maintain compliance.
  • We will begin accepting orders for these kits in July/August timeframe and anticipate shipping product from late Q3 through end of year.

CARB Updates <25 hp TRU Regulations

  • Update to the existing regulation was proposed in 2019 due to the increased use of <25hp TRU’s and increased particulate matter (PM) from this TRU sector over the expected PM reductions from the 2011 TRU regulation
  • Due to OEM’s adoption of the higher EPA compliant solution for <25hp TRU’s, the State of California is now looking to close this ‘loophole’ and reduce the PM output of TRU’s which may result in the escalation of in use compliance dates on TRU’s <25hp.
  • These new TRU regulations are expected to be voted on at year end CARB board meeting, and adopted in 2021.

    There are a number of additional changes proposed for the upcoming years:
 Proposed Changes for 2021
    • Lower global warming refrigerant (GWP <2,200) will be required in all TRUs (except TRU gensets as they don’t have refrigerant).
    • All TRUs need to be registered with CARB
Proposed Changes for 2022
    • Applicable Facilities (warehouses, maintenance facilities, DC’s, etc.) must register with CARB and submit a Stationary Operating Plan to include GeoFencing.

    • Electric Utilities must report to CARB on number of facilities requesting service, increased demand for power, and schedule for compliance

Proposed Changes for 2023
    • All In-Use Trailer and railcar TRUs must meet the PM standards by 12/31/2023

    • All NEW TRU trailers must use zero-emission (electric standby) when stationary for more than 15 minutes AND are at an applicable facility (there are 6000 facilities in CA). They must also have a telematics system installed and operational.

    • Truck TRU’s (Bobtails) will need to start converting 15% of their fleet to zero-emission technology in 2023, so that by 2030 100% of Truck TRUs will be zero-emission.

To learn more about our TRU Dealer Webinars, please contact Debbie Gorman-Dill, Inside Sales Representative at dgd@rypos.com for more information or to be invited to future webinars.

Rypos TRU Contacts

  • Peter Ellison, West Coast Regional Sales Manager
    • Ph: 949-395-4190 email: pre@rypos.com
  • Debbie Gorman-Dill , Inside Sales Representative
    • Ph: 774-233-1018 email: dgd@rypos.com
  • Peter Guzman, Manager, Customer Service
    • Ph: 508-429-4552 cell: 315-382-4753 email: pg@rypos.com
  • Bill Collins, VP Sales & Marketing
    • Ph: 774-233-1035 cell: 617-548-5829
    • email: bcollins@rypos.com




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