How the Mini Data Center Market Size is Growing During The Pandemic

Posted by Rypos on May 28, 2020 11:30:00 AM


The mini data center market size is anticipated to grow by 3.35 billion USD during 2020-2024, as the need for data center infrastructure grows. The benefits of mini data centers are substantial, they are cost-effective, flexible, and scalable and have capabilities that extend from one single rack with integrated power to multiple racks that can be installed in commercial spaces. 

The flexibility offered by these data centers "is leading to an increase in demand from SMEs, which in turn will drive market growth during the forecast period." The growing need for edge computing and a boost in Internet-connected devices has a positive impact on the market and is contributing to the mini data center market size growth. 

The growing number of Internet-connected devices and IoT-enabled devices increase data center traffic which then triggers a greater need for edge computing facilities. The North American region accounts for the largest mini data center market share due to factors such as the presence of SMEs, rapid economic growth, upgrades in infrastructure, and increased Internet penetration. 

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