Port of Oakland Predicting Strong Fourth Quarter Intermodal Activity

Posted by Rypos on Oct 7, 2020 9:00:00 AM


Imports and exports have rebounded at the Port of Oakland which expects a “strong fourth quarter for 2020.”

In a recent interview in the American Journal of Transportation (AJOT), the new maritime director for the Port of Oakland, Bryan Brandes, disclosed that imports and exports have rebounded at the Port of Oakland and they expect a “strong fourth quarter for 2020 as well as first quarter of 2021”

Brandes believes the Port of Oakland is fortunate to have a market that is 50% import and 50% export and is hopeful about its export market potential: “We are the second port of call and so exporters can load export containers in Oakland and have a faster transit time than from L.A. and Long Beach to Asia. Also, we are right next to the San Joaquin Valley, a major U.S. agricultural center and source of agricultural exports which are all trucked and not rail dependent. We are looking to expand our export market by attracting agricultural exports from the Midwest and from the Gulf.”

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