Proposed Expansion of the Non-Road Diesel Engine Emission Regulation (Bylaw 1161)

Posted by Rypos on Jun 10, 2021 12:30:00 PM


Metro Vancouver is proposing amendments to their Non-Road Diesel Engine Emission Regulation ByLaw in efforts to reduce harmful emissions from non-road diesel engines. 

DPM, or diesel particular matter, is produced by the combustion of diesel and associated with both short and long-term health effects such as asthma, heart and respiratory diseases, and cancer. DPM is both a threat to air quality and human health within Metro Vancouver but also contributes to climate change. 

These proposed changes to Bylaw 1161, would expand the scope of the bylaw to "further reduce diesel PM emissions and address harmful nitrogen oxides produced by all tiers of non-road diesel engines." 8 specific changes are proposed to the Bylaw including adding registration and labeling non-diesel engines, adding fees for NOx emissions, adding requirements for emission reduction measures, and more. 

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