Reliability Considerations when Selecting DPF for your Power Generation

Posted by Greg Korst on Jul 21, 2019 5:14:00 PM



System Reliability is critical to backup and prime power solutions. Standby Generators mostly just sit idly but have to be ready to start up and carry load within seconds of a power outage. Diesel engines are universally known to be efficient and reliable, but they also produce emissions with high levels of diesel particulate matter, a known carcinogen. Existing regulations may require Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) to reduce these emissions but can add an unwelcomed level of risk as they can hinder system reliability. Could your passive diesel particulate filter be on the verge of impeding your backup power when the utility goes out?

An active DPF system could be your best solution. Passive DPF systems require elevated exhaust temperatures to ‘regenerate’ or burn off the collected particulate matter. Most Emergency Generators rarely run under load, so exhaust temperatures remain low, resulting in the DPFs being overloaded with particulate. The soot load can clog the filter which can increases back pressure on the engine, which will eventually disable the emergency power system as it tries to make load. If left unattended, engines have failed, and in some cases, filters have started fires.

Engines with passive diesel particulate filters periodically need to operate at high loads to create the operating temperatures required to burn off trapped particulate matter. Conversely, Active DPF systems automatically incinerate the trapped diesel particulate, without requiring elevated exhaust temperatures or falsely loading the engines.

Active DPF systems become the more cost-effective solution by not wasting fuel or requiring continual maintenance. Higher initial costs are offset in only 2 to 4 years if maintaining the passive DPF per the manufacturer’s requirements (read the fine print!). If not properly maintained, the entire emergency power system becomes compromised, negating its ability to make power.

When reliability and Total Cost of ownership are critical to your operation, Active Diesel Particulate Filters offer the best solution. This maintenance-free approach ensures your emergency power system will always be ready and able when the lights go out.




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