MIRATECH Hosts Webinar on Emission Trends & Tier V

Posted by Rypos on Dec 21, 2020 7:00:00 AM


MIRATECH Corporation successfully completed its global webinar series on the conversation of Data Center Emission Trends & Tier V, on December 15. The webinar was conducted via GoToWebinar and drew large virtual audiences to discuss data center emission trends and how Tier V level diesel generators can provide cleaner power to facilities than grid power. 

Nick Detor, Division Manager for Power Generation, and Jim McDonald, Director of Environmental Impact, led the seminar bringing their 60 years of engine emissions experience to the conversation. "There is a common misconception that a diesel generator is unequivocally a dirty form of energy," McDonald said. "Diesel generators with Tier V control can provide some of the cleanest, most cost-effective, and reliable power available." 

The Tier V system, which was the focus of the MIRATECH webinar, has cleaner emissions output and moves the industry forward by allowing users to reduce both their EPA criteria pollutant emissions but also harmful air toxins. Tier V moves beyond EPA regulations to offer users the ability "to further reduce GWP emissions and provide the facility a smaller carbon footprint." 

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